The Queen’s University Department of Emergency Medicine Fellowship in Resuscitation and Reanimation is the first training program in North America to offer Fellowship Training to physicians who want to focus on Resuscitation Medicine.

Established in 2008, the program brings together doctors from different backgrounds to advance their understanding of resuscitation medicine, crisis leadership, research and education. Graduates of the fellowship program will lead the advancement of resuscitation medicine as a future subspecialty.

Program Options


This flexible Fellowship is designed to meet the needs of learners with a range of backgrounds and goals. Learners may participate as residents, as clinical fellows, or as research fellows. Participants may tailor the program, but there are typically three options:


Academic Program


Fellows in the Academic Program attend the weekly education sessions from July to October and January to June. Fellows are required to complete an academic project between January and June. This program does not involve patient care.


Successful candidates will receive a Certificate in Resuscitation and Reanimation from Queen’s University. Physicians currently working in a clinical area with significant resuscitation activity may complete the academic program and apply for credit of their clinical work to receive a Fellowship in Resuscitation and Reanimation from Queen’s University.


One-Year Clinical Program


Fellows in the Clinical Fellowship program divide their time equally between Fellowship activities and clinical activities in their base specialty. They are required to attend the education sessions held weekly from July to December and participate in the Kingston General Hospital’s rapid response team, trauma team, and cardiac arrest team. They must also teach resuscitation skills to a wide range of learners. Fellows who are enrolled in a residency program will have clinical rotations in Critical Care and ECHO and are required to complete an academic project.


This program is particularly appropriate for residents in their fourth year of an emergency medicine program or their first year after successful completion of residency training in Emergency Medicine. Successful candidates will receive their Fellowship in Resuscitation and Reanimation from Queen’s University.


Two-Year Clinical Program


Learners with an interest in more advanced academic development participate in the program for two years, with the majority of the second year being spent on a research or educational project. Successful candidates will publish their project and will receive their Fellowship in Resuscitation and Reanimation from Queen’s University.


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For more information about the program please contact Dr. Adam Szulewski.

For information about the application process please contact Mary Lee.

Meet The Fellows

Zainab Al-Alawi

Resuscitation and Reanimation Fellow

Zainab Al Alawi, I am an emergency medicine staff at King Fahad University Hospital. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Completed my Emergency Medicine board in Saudi Arabia in 2015, and obtained my medical degree from King Khalid University in 2010

When I was looking for a fellowship program, I wanted a place with a well-established program with solid curriculum, extensive hands-on learning, with a strong focus on fellow education. And most important a program with coworkers I could consider family. From the team based learning to friendly faculty, fellows and residents. Resuscitation and Reanimation program in Queens University had it all. And I'm so excited to learn the real art of resuscitation medicine from the amazing faculty.

Living in the beautiful city with fantastic lake, dealing daily with a very kind people, it's so comfy.

In my free time, I love to stay active, enjoy the outdoor walking with my husband and our little girl.

Hopefully I will pick up some new sports while living in Kingston especially at the winter.

Areej Alwakeel

Resuscitation and Reanimation Fellow

After Graduation from medical school it was my passion to deal with emerge patients and to do the best to save lives. So I did my residency in Emergency Medicine in Saudi Arabia and during my residency I started teaching life support courses.I got the Saudi Board and the Arab Board in Emergency Medicine by 2014. I was involved in teaching residents.

My goal of joining the Resuscitation and Reanimation Fellowship Program is to be a leader in resuscitation and to pass my knowledge and skills to junior colleagues, also to do research, which will enrich this unique field.

I am married with two adorable kids.

Chantal Forristal

Resuscitation and Reanimation Fellow

Chantal is a fourth year resident completing the Royal College Emergency Medicine Program at Western University. She has a Bachelor of Medical Sciences specializing in biochemistry as well as a Medical Doctorate degree, both from Western University. With broad academic interests, Chantal is particularly interested in airway management and medical education through simulation.

Through immersion in the resuscitation and reanimation fellowship, Chantal hopes to gain in-depth knowledge of resuscitation principles, develop her leadership skills and learn to become an effective medical educator – all while having fun!

Chantal is an avid tennis player and enjoys taking part in almost any team sport. She also loves to spend time outdoors – be it hiking, swimming or beers on the patio – and is excited to take advantage of all Kingston has to offer.

Emily Robinson

Resuscitation and Reanimation Fellow

Emily is a fourth year resident in the Queen's FRCP program and one of the Resus fellows. She originally trained at NOSM in Sudbury and is from Northern Ontario (... if you can call Parry Sound 'the north'...). Aside from emergency medicine, she has always enjoyed 'the theatre' and still threatens to one day run off and join it! She loves people, traveling, outtripping, speaking in accents, theme parties, her drumming husband and dog, getting outside and spending long weekends by the lake with friends and family. She has always maintained an interest in Global Health- an area of medicine that she intends to have as part of her practice throughout her career.

Andrew Ross

Resuscitation and Reanimation Fellow

Andrew Ross is undertaking the Fellowship in Resuscitation and Reanimation from a background of EM and general Inpatient care. He received his BSc. at the University of Guelph, MSc in Pharmacology & Toxicology from Queen's University, and his medical degree from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in Thunder Bay. After completion of the Family Medicine Residency program at Queen's University, he focused his practice on Rural or Resource limited Emergency Medicine and Inpatient care.

His primary interests pertain to Resuscitation in resource limited settings, remote medical transportation, and Indigenous Health Care. In his spare time, he can be found enjoying almost any activity that takes place outside--on the water, on the road, or in/on the snow!

We try to make it true to what we feel when we're out in the real world. Because that's what gives you the truest responses.
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