Nightmares Course

The Nightmares course is a simulation based program offered to residents in their first year of training. Trainees from medical and surgical programs participate in this longitudinal course that begins with an introduction to the challenges of managing a patient in crisis and the supports that are available. Students return to the simulation lab in groups of 4-6 every month for sessions that reinforce fundamental crisis resource management principles. Each session runs for 1½ hours, and trainees are released from their clinical duties to attend. Three 10-minute scenarios are presented each session, each lasting for ~10 minutes with 15-20 minutes for debriefing and discussion.

The course, lead by Dr. Tim Chaplin, covers the most common medical emergency situations including hypotension, tachycardia, hypertension, decreased level of consciousness, airway emergencies, shortness of breath, and bradycardia.

The series gives learners an opportunity to gain experience and develop techniques for dealing with crisis situations in an environment that is safe and constructive. The KRI educational philosophy encourages ‘strength’s based’ coaching model that fosters confidence with an appropriate understanding of personal limits.

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