Sim Olympics

The SIM Olympics is a national, interprofessional team training competition focused on developing excellence in resuscitation medicine. Coinciding with the CAEP Conference, this annual competition brings together teams from across the country to demonstrate their crisis management skills under pressure.

Every team includes physicians, nurses, paramedics, medical students and respiratory therapists who study, train and work together to compete in an environment that closely mimics the stressors, reactors, and communications required in a real-life situation.

Participants learn invaluable skills, connect with other healthcare professionals interested in resuscitation medicine, gain national recognition through their efforts, and advance the field of resuscitation and reanimation.

Interested in entering a team? Acting as a standardized patient? Volunteering for the event? Contact us to learn more about the many ways you can get involved with the SIM Olympics.

Winners – 2015 Simulation Olympics

1st Place

  1. Heather White
  2. Matt Lipinski
  3. Derek Ryan
  4. Matt McCallum

2nd Place

  1. Matthew White
  2. Zachary Warren
  3. Kristen Weersink
  4. Jane Lewis

(Tie for 3rd place)

  1. James Cheng
  2. Curtis Nickel
  3. Savannah Forrester
  4. Jenilee Feddema

3rd Place

  1. Colin Mercer
  2. Julia Reynolds
  3. Dave Dewal
  4. Todd Hennessey

The research and the best evidenced medical education tells us again and again if you want a team to perform at its highest level that team must train together.
Dr. Damon Dagnone